What gear do I really need to enjoy camping? What gear is just for fun or a bit more comfort?

These are the questions we're little obsessed about striving to answer! 

Our goal is to keep it simple, sift through what's available and offer you the quality gear that will do the job while considering people and the planet at the same time.  Gear that is made to last!   

Our dream is to develop a range of ‘kits’ that have all the essential items you need to literally say “I’m gonna GRABmeGEAR & Go!” Confident the basics are covered and the packing is already done.

Local products and craftsmanship are sourced as a priority and if what we need is not readily available, we work with others to create it.

If you're looking to upgrade or wanting to start out with quality gear that will last, then check us out.

We love to hear what you think, so any questions or feedback please get in touch, thanks Jimmy - Perth, Western Australia

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