Vision, Mission, Values & Goal


For everyone on the planet to feel ‘at home’ in the great outdoors…

Our vision will be realised when:

  • All people feel free to explore the accessible corners of the earth.. FREEDOM
  • All people feel equipped enough to be outdoors on their own.. AUTONOMY
  • All people feel capable enough to tackle outdoor challenges and teach others.. MASTERY

At then end of the day our dream is for everyone to feel at ease outdoors; safe and secure in the knowledge they can survive and thrive in their outdoor environment... have fun outside!


To help people get outdoors… exploring heavily, treading lightly…

We’ll do this by:

  1. Creating a complete one stop, Grab & Go, kit for at least 3 common outdoor events – Vehicle Camping, Picnics & Bushcraft.  Join the Compact Camping movement…
  2. Offering our kits in earth friendly material choices – long term we want  each piece of gear to have a fully mapped product lifecycle that is our responsibility to manage and adhere to Leave No Trace principles.
  3. Adopting a human centered design approach so the products and tools we supply are what people actually use to create their outdoor lifestyle (practicality before popularity).
  4. Providing access to resources that positively impact people’s self perception of their ability to explore outdoor adventures with Freedom, Autonomy and Mastery. 
  5. Creating a sustainable social enterprise that provides a reliable funding platform for other social enterprises.
  6. Increasing our reach by increasing our relationships.  There are many like minded people/organisations that are already on track toward this vision so we’ll find them and partner with them to conserve energy and resources; plus have some fun along the way! 

Little step, by little step, everything we do contributes to achieving a part of our mission and brings us closer to realising our vision.



Freedom – to express self and explore

Autonomy – to be self sufficient

Mastery – to feel confident enough to share



It is music to our ears when people say:

"I'm gonna grab me gear and go!"

Our goal is for people to feel getting out there is easy to do; the ostacles have been removed and they are free to explore. So this has become the filter for everything we do, the thing we are proudly obsessive about is the question:

"Is it easy to grab & go?" - all the basics in an easy to grab package for people on the go!

If we can answer "yes" to this question for everything we offer, then we have a better chance of tackling our mission and realising our vision.

To keep our heads screwed on, we've broken our dreams down into plans and we bite one off at a time; it may take generations and we're good with that.


When we achieve our goal, it's proof we're living out our mission and we are getting closer to realising our vision.

It also means that other people share the same beliefs as us and are enabling us to be true to our purpose and, most importantly of all, bring our causes and projects to life.

The best bit is, that when all this happens, we know we are helping other people live the life they want too; and that is a good day...

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