Our Igniting Belief


  1. We believe that if more people, get more outdoors, more often, in more ways, the world will be an even better place to play and live.
  2. We believe the closer and more connected we are to nature, the more grounded we are to what is important in life; it’s like opening the pressure release valve of modern living, a step closer to living free or living wild...
  3. We believe when we feel more safe, secure & capable in our daily lives we can think better about ourselves, others and create more space for the needs of our communities.

These 3 observations formed the spark that ignited the fire to make GRABmeGEAR happen!  


We believe you find yourself by creating the life you want and when you master the survival needs of each outdoor adventure, you gain the inner freedom to boldly make independent choices (autonomy) about other areas of your life.”

We want to help free people up to make choices that feel good to the soul and spark fun along the way!

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