Note from Jimmy


From little things, big things grow… (thanks Paul Kelly)

We are a little operation with plans for a big impact on little groups of people. 

We are a family owned and operated social business, living out a dream of creating the life we want and helping other people along the way.

As you’ll see from our limited stock, we are in the early stages (start up) and the more we are supported the more we can grow.  We have 10 stages planned for this site to feel all grown up and right now we are in stage 1, setting up basecamp! 

Our goal is to make it easy for you to see that outdoor idea through by saying "I'm gonna GRABmeGEAR & Go!"  With that in mind, we intend to build grab'n'go gear, kits and services for that next adventure.

As we support the Slow Movement we are comfortable progressing step by step to ensure we have time to listen to your needs, deliver on our promises and be out there doing it ourselves.  We believe this will help us stay true to our purpose and help keep our heads screwed on sideways! Life is busy enough…

We have plenty of Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) and our underlying drive is fueled by the desire to make a positive difference to people’s lives, starting in our own backyard.

Every time you choose to shop or partner with us, you are choosing to invest in your local community.  This is why we are a ‘sale’ and ‘discount’ free zone; we want to keep people in the supply chain and build a community through the sharing of fair value.  How do you choose a discount rate on helping others? We have loved the quick fix of a sale and I believe this addiction can be overcome through seeing the impact of fair value and social business in practice.

With your patient and generous support, together, we’ll help you, us and others create the lives we want and help our understanding of the planet along the way…

While we have a bucket load of ideas, nothing beats hearing from you, so please share all your thoughts with us, especially if you think they are a ‘bit out there’! 

What do you think will help more people, more outdoors, more ways, more often? 

I can bang on about this longer than it takes the kids to get ready for school, so time to GRABmeGEAR & go!

Thanks Jimmy, Founder. 

PS. Remember, better to be look’n at it, than look’n for it!

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