Our Purpose


In 2005, after a long break from camping doing the city grind, Mel & I made the decision to break the cycle. We wanted to make the outdoors a more regular part of our lifestyle. We got Married and made the move from Sydney to Geraldton WA. Using the move as an opportunity to do a hot lap of Oz. Once settled in Gero, we loved those coral coast sunsets and chilled lifestlye, time felt slower...

Fast forward to 2012, back in the city bustle of Perth as two working Parents with two young Children and a fresh mortgage, the realisation hit!  If we wanted to keep up this lifestyle, we needed to:

1. Make it quicker and easier to get away - freedom

2. Get the gear we need to feel confident & self-sufficient in remote locations. Plus be comfortable we are minimising our environmental impact - autonomy

3. Just decide to do it and work it out as we go. Combined with investing time and energy into learning how to live outdoors from others, thanks YouTube! - mastery

Time had evaporated, the amount of gear we were taking as a family had exploded and the grind was creeping back in.  We were missing those simple 'cheers' on sunset and wanted to be able to escape on short notice; creating time to enjoy other things life can offer away from the routine. Plus our cheap set up, that had served us well on our speed lap, was failing family camping and it did not feel good sending it to landfill...  

So I started boiling the gear list down to the essentials and making up ready to go ‘kits’ so we could just grab what we needed to head off after work. I discovered a passion for design and problem solving. Much of the gear I wanted was not common on the market at the time, so I started getting things custom made to my specs and seeking out smaller businesses that served seasoned travellers. Cobbling bits together to create solutions, it was fun!

The ideas received good feedback from other campers, suggesting they would to use them too.  This lit a burning passion to do more.

In late 2015 it was decision time, change jobs for the same old or take a risk to create the life I wanted and help others along the way? Thanks to a supportive Wife, fuelled with a purpose to preserve the environment for our children and help make it easier for others to GRABmeGEAR & GO, I left the corporate world to chase a dream. I love it! Through gear, I want to make a positive impact for generations to come by creating a Social Enterprise (F4T) that tackles future outdoor living challenges. Giving back to the community and planet we enjoy along the way. 

The more easily and ethically we can help people get out there, the better. That is the change we want to see.

We’re an Australian, self-funded; family owned and operated small cottage business with a clear vision. So with your support, we’ll keep building practical, time saving, ethical and quality solutions you can comfortably use in the bush with confidence for generations to come.

Thanks & enjoy

Jimmy, Founder.


To make it easy for Vehicle Based Campers to grab their gear & go!

Imagine the opportunity to escape and get away comes up at short notice. No worries, the majority of your gear is already packed and stored on a shelf system just waiting to be loaded. All you need to do is fill the fridge, grab everyday items and you're away!

The process of packing and getting out the door feels easy and you know it will be just as simple when you get home. You feel relaxed, organised and confident, looking forward to the fun adventure ahead.

If you're on the road full-time, you feel you have eveything you need to live simply and comfortably.

Our vision is to help remove all obstacles for knowing what 'essential' gear you need and how to access it.  There is no gear barrier between the idea of going and going; the focus is on good times ahead.   

We know we're there when we hear people say "I'm gonna grab me gear & go!"


To create 4 essential gear guies for Vehicle Based Campers so they DRIVE - EAT - SLEEP - REPEAT easily.

Using our own personal experiences, customers feedback and industry expert insight, we aim to create an essential camping gear checklist to help you get your set up sorted enough to get out there. Once you have the basics sorted, you can tweak your set up as needs evolve, that's half the fun! We're currently working on 'the list' and once published it will be continually refined and updated as we learn more.  Venturing into 4x4 & overlanding can be overwelling with the amount of information and options available. We'll help break down the gear essentials focusing on overnight camping needs. The gear basics will be covered and how to access them, so once organised, you can confidently grab your gear & go!  


FREEDOM - to express self and explore

AUTONOMY - to be self-sufficient

MASTERY - to feel confident enough to share

We believe you find yourself by creating the life you want and when you master the survival needs of each outdoor adventure, you gain the inner freedom to boldly make independent choices (autonomy) about other areas of your life.”

We want to help free people up to make choices that feel good to the soul and spark fun along the way!


I’m gonna GRABmeGEAR & Go!

Create The Life You Want

Built on purpose for a purpose - you!

No compromises...

Always be ready to escape and enjoy the ride...


To be a social enterprise that helps solve future outdoor living challenges by creating access to aid, access to information, access to gear and a community culture that will be passed on for generations to come.

Designed on purpose, for a purpose – you!


A Social Enterprise is an emerging model where a business uses its profits to invest in solving social problems.

We believe having a fair, healthy, sustainable planet where we can freely live outdoors has become a future problem for the community and we want to help tackle it now.

So we’re setting up Food For Thought Australia (F4T) as our social enterprise arm to create practical future friendly solutions you can use with confidence; comfortable you’re doing your bit to help our collective future.

Just grab this gear and your good to go! 

Impact Focus Areas include:

  1. Future Ecosystems
  2. Future Food
  3. Future Materials
  4. Future Work
  5. Future Living

Current Impact = proudly supporting


One of the best ways to simplify life and get back to nature is by going camping in it.

In our busy modern lives, getting into camping or getting organised for camping can feel like a big task with a fair bit of hassle.

The thing that gets us excited at GRABmeGEAR, is looking for ways to solve this problem and reduce the hassle factor; we’re a little weird like that and love it! 

We reckon if we can help you reduce the hassle factor, the more likely you are to get out there and give it a go! We’d rather see more people easily getting ‘outdoors’ than staying indoors, so we’re constantly looking for ways to make it easier.

We are passionate about making it easy and as equally passionate about getting outdoors ethically, so we aim to make our gear as sustainable as possible. We'll strive to keep tweaking every impact we have so you can be comfortable you’ll get out there easily and ethically.

Your feedback really helps, so please get in touch with ideas from your experiences, they make all the difference. It helps us produce gear that gets used regularly for years and years because it meets your needs.

We find that things do not stay unique for long, so if your looking for a bit of gear and a number of people offer it, how do you decide?

Our advice is to choose an enterprise that aligns with your values and behaves in a way that reflects you. Are they aiming to do something more than just sell stuff for money? Are they concerned about quality, material choice, ethical labour, whole-of-life responsibility etc? Is that important to you? Do you just want the cheapest or are you willing to invest in the greater good?

Everyone is different and that is why there are so many brands, to cater for different needs. Above is a bit more detail on what we believe and if this resonates, please join the family. If not, we may not be for you and that’s OK.

At GRABmeGEAR we have a strong purpose and vision that goes beyond our physical products. It’s the thing that pushes us forward and ignites the energy to keep going when things get tough; it keeps us curious!  We have a long way to go to meet these aspirations and we’re going for it!