Our Purpose


One of the best ways to connect with nature is by going camping in it.

In our busy modern lives, getting into camping or getting organised for camping can feel like a big task with a fair bit of hassle.

The thing that gets us excited at GRABmeGEAR, is looking for ways to solve this problem and reduce the hassle factor; we’re a little weird like that and love it! :0)

We reckon if we can help you reduce the hassle factor, the more likely you are to get out there and give it a go! We’d rather see more people easily getting ‘outdoors’ than staying indoors, so we’re constantly looking for ways to make it easier.

We’re an Australian self-funded, family owned and operated small business with a clear vision. So with your support, we’ll keep building practical, time saving, quality solutions you can comfortably use in the bush.

We are passionate about making it easy and as equally passionate about getting outdoors ethically, so we aim to make our gear as sustainable as possible. We'll strive to keep tweaking every impact we have so you can be comfortable you’ll get out there easily and ethically.

Your feedback really helps, so please get in touch with ideas from your experiences, they make all the difference. It helps us produce gear that gets used regularly for years and years because it meets your needs.

Why choose GRABmeGEAR?

We find that things do not stay unique for long, so if your looking for a bit of gear and a number of people offer it, how do you decide?

Our advice is to choose an enterprise that aligns with your values and behaves in a way that reflects you. Are they aiming to do something more than just sell stuff for money? Are they concerned about quality, material choice, ethical labour, whole-of-life responsibility etc? Is that important to you? Do you just want the cheapest or are you willing to invest in the greater good?

Everyone is different and that is why there are so many brands, to cater for different needs. Below is a bit more detail on what we believe and if this resonates, please join the family. If not, we may not be for you and that’s OK.

At GRABmeGEAR we have a strong purpose and vision that goes beyond our physical products. It’s the thing that pushes us forward and ignites the energy to keep going when things get tough; it keeps us curious!  We have a long way to go to meet these aspirations and we’re going for it! :0)

If you want to know a bit more, check out the below.

If you’ve heard enough, please browse our store and see if there is something that will help you on that next adventure.

Thanks & enjoy

Jimmy, Founder.


Natural Congruence - We are in the business of helping to preserve the natural world and the role humans play in it.

We’ll live this by creating a sustainable business enterprise that can invest back into community projects and make an impact.

We believe the impact humans have had in the natural world can be healed if we all work together and do our bit. We’re conscious that if the natural world cannot be preserved, an artificial one will be created; it has begun and we think that’s not cool. We are big fans of the social enterprise model and keen see if we can make it work to help keep the natural world thriving.


For everyone on the planet to feel ‘at home’ in the great outdoors…

We believe you find yourself by creating the life you want and when you master the survival needs of each outdoor adventure, you gain the inner freedom to boldly make independent choices (autonomy) about other areas of your life.”

We want to help free people up to make choices that feel good to the soul and spark fun along the way!


To help people get outdoors easily & ethically...


FREEDOM - to express self and explore

AUTONOMY - to be self sufficient

MASTERY - to feel confident enough to share


I’m gonna GRABmeGEAR & Go!


One Planet, One People - to help humans re-discover their sense of stewardship in the natural world by learning from Indigenous Cultures, nature itself and ourselves.  Indigenous cultures managed to live in harmony as part of nature for 1000’s of years, maybe we can learn something from that.

We believe there are traditional solutions 4A modern future; many of our current problems are not new and have been solved before, maybe we have just lost sight and need to look back a little. 

We believe other parts of nature have developed their own solutions we can learn from and take inspiration from people like David Attenborough. 

We believe that in order to learn from the past, you first must understand it.  We, personally, have a fair way to go to here and look forward to partnering with others to build our collective wisdom.

We believe long-term sustainability of this natural world can be achieved by bringing together a cohesive mix of traditional and modern ways to live.


1.    Environmental Preservation

     - We’re proud to support Outback Cleanups Australia (OCA) – check out their Go Fund Me page.

2. Native Australian Food

    - Fervor Popup Dinning - Black Duck Foods - Swan Valley WA - Tucker Bush 

3. Aboriginal Tourism & Rewilding Experiences

    - Tourism Australia - WA 

    - Rocky Instincts - Nature Play WA - Wild Movement - Jake Cassar - Bushcraft Survival - Wild Craft Australia    

4. Indigenous Archaeological Research

    - please read, Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe

5. Regenerative Living

   - Regenerating Member of the Savory Institute

   - see below for other influences.

In time, Social Enterprise projects will be managed under the banner F.O.O.D 4 Thought Australia (Fresh Outlook On Development).


Danjoo Koorliny - click here - @danjoo_koorliny (Instagram)

Makaratta Project - Midnight Oil - From The Heart

Create Ranger Parks WA - website

Social Enterprise Business Model - Video Intro (Dan Ariely) - Centre for Social Imact  - Social Traders

Electric Vehicles - Jaunt Motors 

Simple Living - Simplicity Institue - A Simpler Way (Documentary)

S.L.O.W Living - Intro Vid (Malama Life) - Wikipedia  

Natural Sequence Farming - ABC Australian Story (Peter Andrews) - Mulloon Institute

Regenerative Farming - ABC Australian Story (Charlie Massy) - What is it? - Australian Holistic Management Co Op.   

Land Regeneration - Green Deserts & Reverse Climate Change - Regreening the Desert  - Holistic Management - Savory Institute - Land to Market -  Fools & Dreamers     

Ethical Clothing - Australia - Bali, Indonesia

Life On Our Planet - David Attenborough 


Last Revised: 21 October 2020.

Continually evolving as we learn more…