BAG SIZE = 380W x 550H x 240D mm (approx.)

FRONT POCKET = 360W x 360H x 60D mm (approx.)

TYRE SIZE = up to approx. 38".

When your travelling you need somewhere to store your rubbish. Next you need to store it so it is easy and practical to manage; that is where a well designed, good quality bin bag comes in.  There are many designs at different qualities out there; this one is made to last and made to be used regularly; with proudly Australian Made materials and craftsmanship.

We are pumped to offer you our upgraded Wheel Bin Bag v3.0!

We believe this is one of the most premium Australian Made products on the market in terms of craftsmanship and materials.  This is where form and function meet and is a sign of things to come from GRABmeGEAR.  Who says everyday outdoor gear can't also be pieces of outdoor art!  You put a lot of time an effort into building your rig, so why not complement it with tough, practical accessories that also have style & athestic appeal... designed on purpose.

We have listened to our customers feedback and made 6 changes to improve this bag on the previous version.  If you're like us and love to hear the details and story behind product innovation please check out the 'Features' section for the highlights.

What we love about this bag

  • Bright yellow PVC removable insert for easy empty & visibility
  • Bin Liner can be used away from vehicle so main bag can stay attached
  • Water resistant zippers to help protect teeth from dust and remove interference of a storm flap
  • Yellow stiching highights throughout bag to create something special
  • Extra front pocket to seperate recovery straps, rubbish or wet gear
  • Lockable zippers for lid and bottom
  • Drainage hole in bottom of both chambers + liner for breathability
  • 3 x anchor straps 
  • UV stabilised polypropylene straps to reduce sun fade - Australian Made in Victoria
  • 3 x heavy duty GMG branded quick release metal buckles - look awesome!
  • Strap keepers to fasten & secure excess straps
  • One-size-fits-all up to approx 38" tyres
  • Compatible with existing wheel covers
  • 15oz Dfab Black Plain Weave Canvas - Australian Made in Victoria
  • Repairable (reasonable wear & tear)
  • Made in Australia - Western Australia

Your investment

This is a premium bag with a goal to retaining quality, craftsmanship and manufacturing in Australia. Producing a bag of this quality locally is a challenging feat that comes with some additional costs as it is still done by a person with their hands. It can be made cheaper in higher volumes with the machinery overseas factories have that Australia does not, yet we feel that is not of benefit to our local people or economy in the long run. So when you purchase a premium product like this, you are also helping to keep local manufacturing alive. We'd love to see local manufacturing move beyond survive to thrive through innovative use of design and materials to meet future challenges that we can share with the world.  This is a small step towards that goal.

​We trust you will enjoy using this bag as much as we do and like always, if you have any ideas for improvements please let us know, we love it!

Jimmy's Tip's:

1 - When fitting the bag we recommend criss-crossing the side straps behind the wheel for a secure fit. Take the left strap and connect it to the bottom right buckle and take the right strap and connect to the bottom left buckle.  The middle stap is a choker style strap; wrap it around the wheel anchor then pass the buckle through the loop and pull tight, this holds the main weight of the the bag; the side straps keep it straight on the wheel.  

2 - If you're remote, consider buring your rubbish to reduce your load and ongoing environmental impact.  Most regional centres do not recycle, it goes striaght to landfill, so worth considering the trade offs. If you're not sure about that, read this article by Adventure Curated - click here

3 - To wash out the bag please use a gentle garden hose and not a high pressure hose.  A light hose over should be enough and allow to dry in shade. High pressure strips the properties of the canvas and can damage other component materials.

Fitting Instruction Video - Coming soon, there will be a link below... 


We are happy to help and keen to make sure any issues don’t hold you back from your next adventure.

Please go to our ‘Returns Policy’ page found at the bottom footer of this site and follow the steps below if you feel you need to make a claim or resolve any issues.


At GRABmeGEAR we are a little obsessed with continual improvement so gear is an enabler to people getting out and enjoying nature; secure in the knowledge they have everything they need just to relax and soak it up.  Saving the mental space to learn something about the place they are in.

We've listened to feedback and made observations of the gear in use, to make 6 key improvements in v3.0 from v2.0, which are:

1. Addition of a single deep front pocket - this larger storage area with a drain hole allows for larger items to be stored seperately to the main chamber. It will fit 2 standard recovery straps + shackles + blanket for quick & easy access.  Also handy for placing wet gear to drain & dry.  If you want to seperate recyclables or soft plastics that can be done.  Or it can be used for whatever you need handy, be it fire lighting gear, sunscreen, tackle box etc. loads of options depending how you travel.

2. Bag Liner - to be honest we have been a bit anti-liner for sometime.  Our preference was for people to use the canvas for what it was designed for and not use a plastic bag inside, just wash it out when done.  What we missed is that this is not always a practical solution. You are not always next to your vehicle when you need somewhere to put your rubbish (like National Parks) and your vehicle can not always get close enough to a bin to dump through the bottom zip. So a liner has been added that you can easily remove, use and return without needing a single use plastic bag inside or aother bag to do the job. While PVC is not our preference as a material, it is a good, tuff long term alternative to single use plastic. We'll see what else we can come up with that does the same job over time, suggestions, welcome!  Being bright yellow also helps you see what is inside and helps to make sure it is not left behind.  It looks pretty cool matching the yellow stitching too...  

3. For the Bin Bags, we have moved to Australian Made Dfab canvas which is made in Melbourne, Victoria.  Dfab are an innovative company that are aiming to produce a 100% Australian Made canvas. At present, all Australian Made canvas is made from an imported 'loom state' cotton fabric. It is then impregnated by Australian Manufactuers to their unique specifications for our conditions.  We love the quality feel of this canvas that improves with age. 

4. UV stabilised Polypropylene Webbing straps. Previously we had been using Seat Belt style webbing and noticed that is turns white from the sun within 6-12 months of constant exposure.  The strength is still there it just looks worn.  We've been wanting to find a better solution for sometime and this is the next best step. At the end of the day, the Australian sun and synthetics do not play well for long periods of time so some fade is to be expected.  Seat Belt webbing is weaved then dyed so the dye can leach faster. With Polypropylene the strands are already dyed black plus UV stabilised then woven so leaching is significantly reduced and looks significantly increased. 

5.  The zips on v2.0 have been working well, even in high dust environments and we've had no complaints so far. We just noticed the standard binding used faded white, like the seat belt webbing and did not look as good. So we have significantly upgraded with these sleeved zippers.  They look great and should continue to look great, plus provide extra protection. They are not water proof, so some moisture may get in from driving rain; that is OK as it will drain out via the bottom eyelett.   

6. At GRABmeGEAR we love gear to have a high level of style to match a high level of functionality. So we have gone all out with the yellow stiching throughout the bag. This is offset so well against with black canvas and is complemented with the yellow liner. We love how it looks!  It's OK to hug a Bin Bag, isn't it? 

Overall we wanted something that was both a joy to use and a joy to look at. We feel you should feel good each time you use a piece of crafted gear, something that does the job and puts a smile on the face at the same time! :0)

SKU 27
Brand Grab Me Gear
Shipping Weight 2.6000kg
Shipping Width 0.260m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.530m
Shipping Cubic 0.006890000m3
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.240m
Assembled Height 0.550m
Assembled Width 0.380m


By: on 1 June 2021
This wheel bin bag oozes quality. Love the waterproof zips. It's an apsoloot work of art, so its a bit of a shame that its going to end up dusty and grotty. And great service from Grab me Gear.

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