Our Causes

Let’s create the community we want to live in!

To be classed a 'social enterprise', the majority of (at least 50%) of our profits must go directly towards our mission - helping more people get outdoors...

There are 2 ways we intend to meet our goal of being a social enterprise:

1. By meeting our own charter and mission to create a positive social impact through people building an affinity with the outdoors - exploring heavily and treading lightly...

2. By being a fund raising platform for other good causes that have their own programs to give back and promote healthy communities.

When people purchase our 'Compact Camping' products directly via our website, 10% of the proceeds from each sale (price - cost) will go to the 'Cause Crusader' (organisation or individual) nominated by the customer.

The Cause Crusaders will then utilise the funds to further their own mission and service their own communities.

This provides communities with a way to help support the causes they are passionate about while creating the life they want outdoors at the same time - win / win! 

Listed below are our current Cause Crusaders that we are proud to partner with.  

For customers outside our partner communities, they can either choose Cause Crusader to support or will default to one of our in-house cause partners.

If you'd like to become a Cause Crusader Partner and raise funds for your cause, please contact us.

With each purchase people are also supporting the sustainability of the outdoor community through our FAIR-VALUE, independant retailer program, which has already commenced.  Our goal is to keep independant retailers in the supply chain so we pay a little more up front to help it go 'round for them too.

Our Principle 'In-House' Cause Crusader:

Our Cause Crusaders:

  1. Create Ranger Parks WA - www.createrangerparks.org.au
  2. Nature Play WA - www.natureplaywa.org.au
  3. Friends Of Nature Play WA - www.natureplaywa.org.au
  4. Fathering Project WA - www.thefatheringproject.org
  5. Shelterbox Australia - www.shelterboxaustralia.com.au
  6. WA Parks Foundation - www.ourwaparks.org.au
  7. Track Care WA - www.trackcare.com.au
  8. Bibbulmun Track Foundation - www.bibulmuntrack.org.au
  9. Munda Bidi Track Foundation - www.mundabiddi.org.au
  10. Leave No Trace, Australia - http://www.lnt.org.au
  • More to come...

Our Independant Retailers:

  1. Lifestyle 4WD, Morley WA - www.lifestyle4wd.com.au
  2. Go Camping, Balcatta WA - www.gocampingwa.org.au

If you have a cause you'd like to raise funds for or can help us with any of the above, we'd love to hear from you.